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What does it look like to see yourself from the outside looking in? 


My name is Mary and who you are intrigues me. When I started out in photography I never realized the depths you must go with a person in order to pull out their true self and capture it in camera. I specialize in helping people see themselves in a different light. Getting people to unfold in front of my camera is truly my super power. My intention is to bring you tears of joy when you see a portrait of yourself and realize that who you are is someone of value and meaning. I want you to cherish who you are and I help you do this by showing you what your loved ones see when they look at you. I want you to know that who you are today, right now holds no less merit than who you are becoming. YOU are simply amazing my friend and I want to get to know you and take the best picture you have ever seen of yourself.  Lets have a conversation about your vision! 

"Mary Breuer turns passion for photography into career"
 -  Green Bay Press-Gazette
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I would love nothing more than to have you come to the studio and see the incredible services I offer you. You will be able to ask all the questions you want, take a tour and see and feel the products. It's always free to come in and chat with me and so is the coffee and the tea! Schedule your coffee date with me below! Here's to you!