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The Black Label Experience

Your Eyes Only.

The Black Label Experience

When is the last time you looked at a portrait of yourself and fell in love?

You are just as valuable and worthy TODAY as you will be tomorrow, next week or a year from now. 

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                  Styling Session

Once you decide to book in, we set up your styling session to go over ALL the details including wardrobe, inspiration and any questions you have about the products we offer! 


                   Hair & Makeup

We team up with some of the local industries finest to complete your look! AND they stay and assist so you have your very own personal assistant during your shoot! And if you are a bride, this is a great way to get plugged in with some top of the line stylists right here in Green Bay!

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            Four Hour Photo Shoot

Thats right! We LOVE to take our time and get all the shots we need to create a beautiful portfolio for you to choose from! 


                  Reveal Session

Two weeks after your session you will come back to the studio to have a look at all of your completed images and choose your absolute favorites! Images start at $295 and our packages start at $1700.00.



The Woman Behind The Lens

Mary has been a professional portrait photographer for over five years. She specializes in empowering every day women look and feel amazing in front of the camera. Her passion runs much deeper than just beautiful photographs. Being a curvy woman herself she relates to the importance of being your mirror. She shows you herself how to move your body and connects with you to capture not only your beauty but your true identity. Mary has helped hundreds of women see themselves in a different light, simply by showing them their worth and importance through her eyes. It's easy to get addicted to her beautiful space and team that will fuss and worry about the little details so you don't have to. Mary is the breath of fresh air that women so desperately want and need. 

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