My Neck, My back...

My arms flap like bats...

Today we are not actually going to be talking about Khia's song, because you know. And if you don't know, just keep reading and pretend like I never said anything. ;) Last week we discussed body shapes and today I am going to chat about three body area insecurities that I get most often. 

As I replayed all of my clients in my mind the most common body concerns  (more women then men, but men too) people complain before their photo shoot are those three things, neck, back fat and big arms. I am going to go over some tips on how to attend to those "problem" areas that we have and how to diminish or completely make them vanish in a photograph. I am excited to share some of my #curvygirlmagician tricks with you so hold tight and read on my friend! 

My Neck

If you are a woman who is 50+ you may know that skin around the neck begins to loosen and well, it sags. One of the most common concerns that come from my 50 and fabulous clients is that they hate their necks. The way around this is to put something in front of it! Be it a turtle neck or your hands and VIOLA! 

Green Bay Portrait Photographer Mary Breuer

My Back

Another complaint or worry that comes up a lot is back fat and tummy rolls. This happens more so with clients who are exposing their backs more then a standard portrait session but one of the easiest ways to diminish back fat is to cover it up. Be it a long banded bra in a boudoir session or a crop top that comes down past that area. Another great way to help diminish, shape and tone is to use body shapers. Body shapers work by using compression and can really do wonders on smoothing things underneath! I will admit they are not the most comfortable and are pretty terrible to put on however, we are talking about just wearing them for a brief moment to have photos taken and not every single day. Although, I know many women that do in fact wear them everyday as they act as a modern day corset, just a bit more comfortable and breathable. You could get them from your local department stores, but if you are looking for something fun be sure to check out Look for  a cut that comes up higher as it will help diminish lines, and if you struggle with them rolling down like I do, be sure to get a body suit that looks similar to a swim suit to ensure it doesn't move like the one here below! 


My Arms

"Please don't make my arms look fat." Even when we have toned arms, they can still look larger then life if they are not positioned properly. However, if your arms are a sore spot for you and you are not in love with them, I highly recommend that you wear something that has longer sleeves or at least a 3/4 sleeve and ends at your elbow. Another tip is to make sure that they are not pressed against your body while having your portrait taken. You simply lift your arm slightly away from your body and they will naturally slim right down. 

Make me look skinny. 

This is not as much of a complaint then it is sometimes a demand and part of me chuckles as I would never make anyone try to look otherwise. Have no fear, Mary is HERE! A quick posing tip to instantly slim you out and give you a "slimmer" waist is this fabulous tip right down below! Don't forget, that what is closer to the camera looks bigger and what is further away from the camera looks smaller. Want a bigger butt? Push it towards the camera. Want a smaller butt? Push it away from the camera. #BOOM


I hope you found this helpful, and if you are looking for more tips and tricks be sure to join the free ADVICE FROM A PROTOG GROUP on facebook for more fun tips and videos! All for FREE! See you next week! 

Next week's blog will be, "ah push it, push it real good." -Stay TUNED!

Mary Breuer