Some say luck, I say FATE

Say Hello To Shania! 

My new studio assistant! 

Go Follow her on instagram @shaniagortonpro

Go Follow her on instagram @shaniagortonpro

2018 is blowing my mind right now. I have accomplished more in three months than I have in the past five years. This year alone I have been published in the paper, won five bronze awards for my images and currently one of my pieces is residing at The Art Garage for their Easter Story Exhibition. Which by the way, if you have nothing better to do on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 8:30am tune in on channel 5!  I will be on the LIVE news with another artist to talk about the exhibition, so you should totally tune in and come check it out! 

Back to balance.

The reality is that my business is growing, which is PHENOMENAL. However, I have been struggling with keeping up on my 80 jobs of this business. Slowly but surely I have been outsourcing jobs as I am able to afford them. Things like an accountant, food prep for me, personal trainer, website designer and manager and now, just this week I have an assistant. Someone who will be helping me reply to emails, send out information, post on social platforms while I am gone, make phone calls, create events, help during shoots, put orders together, retouch images and contribute her amazing talents in any way shape or form. (trust me, she has some AMAZING talents)!

Ladies and gents, I would like to formally introduce you to

Miss Shania Gorton


You guys have no idea how long I have been praying for Shania. I don't think she knows either. But I have been asking God to send me the perfect person. I wanted to have two of me, someone who was passionate and driven, mature and professional.

And then, her email came through to me to book a session. 

We sat down last week to do her consult and go over why she wanted to be photographed. She was looking to rebrand and to build a portfolio for modeling. But as we continued chatting I felt this crazy sensation all over my body urging me to offer her a job. And, thats what I did. She had the experience and all the characteristics that I wanted my brand to represent, so why not take a leap of faith and just ask? I told her to go sleep on it and get back to me. Well, she did and we decided to make it official this past Wednesday. 

Fun Facts about Shania:

She is a dancer, artist, model and currently working on writing her first book and working to land some motivational speaking opportunities. Yes, she is named after Shania Twain. She is also full of energy, spunk and breaks out into random songs and dance at any given moment and is just as goofy as me. Perhaps thats why I love her so much already. 

And she is only 21. 

Please join me in welcoming Shania to my team! I am so excited to have her helping me make a better experience for all of you and giving me the opportunity to leave work behind for a few days to soak in some much needed quality time with my kiddos and family this weekend and finding the balance that I need! 

Thanks for stopping by friends! 



Mary Breuer