Meet Betsy


I’m starting something a little different around here. I have had so many of my clients share how incredible and life changing their experience was during their time here at MBP. Personally it’s one of my favorite parts of my job to hear how a photo shoot has helped them see things differently. So, I’ve been asking some of my clients to share their experience and today, you’re going to hear from Betsy, a headshot turned Boudoir client of mine. ❤️


What inspired you to book with MBP?

First and foremost, her portfolio of work speaks for itself. More than that though, I was blessed to know Mary on a personal level. Her infectious laugh, genuine personality and the fact that she could “see” exactly how she wanted to portray a person on film instantly drew me towards her.

What was the process like for you starting from the style session to the reveal session?

Honestly, a party. Where I was the honored guest-ooh...maybe like how a birthday party feels when you are five!!!! I felt like a celebrity. I had never been that dolled up before. It was SO much fun. Like playing makeup/dress up with much better results.!

What was your favorite moment from your experience?

The moment I decided to stop “trying”. I took a deep breath and tried to soak up all of Mary’s positive love and energy. I truly believe I was able to squash many of the lies that I told myself about my body. I saw myself as a beautiful piece of art God created.

Why should anyone else book a shoot with MBP?

To do something just for yourself. To celebrate YOU.


It was so fun to have Betsy in the studio and it was impeccable timing as I had enough time in between headshot sessions to do an impromptu boudoir session with her. I remember her saying, “I don’t have anything to wear for that.” And I remember telling her she didn’t need anything more then her skin, the best outfit you own.

Stay tuned for more client testimonies and stories!