Photo Shoots - Selecting the Perfect Wardrobe

“What do I wear to a photo shoot?”

Each family is unique when it comes to style and taste, therefore, I like to stick to some basic foundational rules when it comes to selecting your wardrobe for your photo shoot. Talking about wardrobe also happens during the initial consultation, and one bonus perk of choosing us is the unlimited amount of access you receive to us. We give you our studio cell number to text us those questions that creep up in the middle of the night and keep you awake and for when you’re out wardrobe shopping and need some personal advice while you’re trying on your outfits! Let’s dig in to some recommendations.

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1.) MOM FIRST - Mom needs to pick her outfit(s) first. What typically happens when a family books a shoot is mom will start the online and in-store shopping picking outfits for her family and then try to fit herself into something that works for her last. More often then not, she settles for something “that will just have to do” and ends up not loving what she is wearing. That is why I also recommend that moms or the women in the family pick out what they would like to wear FIRST ensuring they have something they love and feel good in.

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2.) GET FIT - No I am not actually talking about a diet. I am talking about the 80% of women who are not wearing the correct size bra. Having the right size bra can change your shape and help you clothing to sit differently. I strongly encourage my clients to get fitted BEFORE they start shopping and trying on any clothes. You can visit Boudoir located in DePere, WI to see my favorite bra fit specialist who not only can fit you but has a fantastic selection of high quality pieces in her store!

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3.) YOUR SHAPE - Knowing the shape of your body can help you out a ton when picking out your wardrobe! It’s important to know so that way you can stay clear of what won’t flatter you and focus on the necklines and cuts that will flatter your shape.

4.) YOUR HOME - During your consult I always ask the color tones of your home. Are they warm and cozy or cool or tranquil? Your home is often a direct reflection of your style, which is why it is nice to start with something you have already created and pull inspiration from it. I also feel its important that you have images that flatter your home and walls so you can feel good about your space. Pulling some colors from your house will definitely help you shop for will also look good in your home.

Boudoir Apparel
Boudoir Apparel
Mary Breuer Green Bay Boudoir Photographer

5.) STUDIO WARDROBE - Not many people know this but I do have an in-house full studio wardrobe that is available for you to use for your photo shoot. In fact, I was able to dress over 8 women from baby to mama which helped lighten the burden not only financially but also for her sanity with her family of 14! My wardrobe is a fun way to step outside of your comfortable and play a little dress up like you used to!

The bottom line is that I want you to wear whatever makes you feel radiant and like you’re a million bucks, even if it’s jeans and a t-shirt, so long as you love it and how it makes you feel.

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