The Consult

The Consultation

Over the next four weeks I am going to be breaking down every transition I take my clients through and why I do it! It’s important for my clients to know that I have their backs and want the very best outcome for them and laying out the plans ahead of time is key to making the experience remarkable. So without further a-due let me pour you this virtual cup of coffee while you learn about the consultation I give when you decide to book!

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After you decide to book in your photo shoot here at MBP the next task I have on hand as your photographer is to get to know you. I have you come in to meet me in person if you can and if you can’t we do this over the phone or via video chat.

During a consult we talk first and foremost about your vision for your shoot and your vision for your photographs. I am a huge believer in reverse engineering which is why I lead with, “when you see your images completely done, how do you visualize enjoying them?” I also ask you to make a folder on your phone of images that you are drawn to called your vision folder and have you share it with me during this session or send me photos via text. I ask my you to journal about who you want to see in their photographs and the person you want to see. Maybe its family members, or just different sides of your personalty. I want to know it all. One fun tip a previous client of mine did was take a poll on Facebook. She asked her friends and family to use a word or two to describe her, not only was it super helpful for me to see, it was also very encouraging and empowering for her to read what everyone else saw in her.

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Knowing this baseline information about you and your desires gives me great insight on what products and services will best fit you and your family’s needs and guide you with the right package for you. One of the special perks I offer is that you don’t have to decide on any packages until AFTER you have seen the images I have captured for you. That way, you are able to see what I can do first, before you make any final decisions on what to purchase (we will talk about this more in the upcoming weeks during the product blog)!

The next step is to chat about how to prepare yourself with the small details that need to be considered before your shoot. These small items range from hair and nails appointments all the way to water and and food consumption leading up to your photo shoot. Some of the items we go through in your welcome packet will be things you can do on your own and some you may need to schedule, for instance a hair cut and color and maybe you can give yourself a pedicure at home. Clients have joked with me, “It’s like I signed up for modeling boot camp.” I laugh with them and then get super serious and say, “Yes, yes you have, no more treating your body like poop from now until after your shoot.” However, when you really think about it, what I am asking you to do sounds so “ridiculous” because that’s how rare we do it. It’s amazing how quickly you start to see yourself differently when you start to pay attention, and all I am doing is reminding you how incredibly blessed you are to be given the body you have and not to treat it so harshly for a few weeks. I am asking you to be be kind to it and to be thankful for it.

Mary Breuer Green Bay Photographer

This consult before your shoot is meant to be fun and exciting and as overwhelming as it is at first, all of my clients have LOVED having all the details planned out, it helps us stay on the same page and ensure I am delivering exactly what you want custom to YOUR needs. We are a team after all! It also helps with your comfort as we get to know one another before I ever put a camera in front of your face because we are meeting ahead of time and exchanging energy and vibes. That way, when you show up for your shoot, I am not a stranger, I am like the BFF you’ve been missing for years, the one that isn’t afraid to tell you there is lipstick on your teeth, to push your chin forward and to tell you when there are more flattering cuts and necklines for your shape if need be. I want to depict you precisely how you want to be, and in my professional experience thats nearly impossible without asking these questions during your consult and coming to answers before we shoot.

Stay tuned next week how I guide you for your wardrobe by chatting about different body shapes, how to figure out yours and give you a sneak peek into my studio wardrobe that you have access to fo FREE when you book!


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