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Mary Breuer Green Bay Photographer

Today I want to spend some time talking about my beloved products and why I love them so much!

As a full service portrait studio, I offer custom services every step of the way from the consultation, all the way down to the planning and actual printing of your photos.

The story you may be used to hearing is one that reads like this,

You booked a photo shoot, your photographer consulted with you on how to prepare and what to wear, the images are fantastic, they send you all of your images via an online gallery and you show and share them online, just about anywhere and to your friends and family. Heck, you even printed some Christmas cards with those beauties. You tell yourself, “I will figure out what I want to do with them later, after I get them I will be inspired and will print them out!” That thought then leaves your head as soon as it comes in because life got busy, or perhaps you tried to figure it out and the lab you tried using online was too complicated or worse yet, you spent your hard earned money and the photos you printed came back mucky and not at all as they did on the screen. So you huff, and say, I will try it again another time.

Does that sound at all familar to an experience you have had? Listen, not only have I been there, I have BEEN that photographer that literally gives you the digitals and walks away with a, “here are my suggestions for printing.”

Ladies and gents, that’s not me anymore. I realized I could do my better then that after leaving a previous clients house. She had printed her son’s photo at shutterfly and I was absolutely appalled at what it looked like! It was underexposed, he was as red as a lobster and overall the photo, in my humble opinion looked awful. I would follow up with other clients of mine, asking how the printing went and almost all of them would respond, “I just haven’t had the time.” Then, it hit me, it’s my job. It’s my job to help them, I am the expert, I do this everyday for a living. And there I was the expert, expecting my clients to just “figure it out.” It truly was an unrealistic expectation, especially with how busy people are today. Now, I do it for them.

What I offer now is the best of both worlds. Clients get both digitals and a printed product. It’s a happy marriage between “old school and new school.”

Take a look at this video I created to give you a more hands-on look at my products and chat about pricing!

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