Maria's Experience | A photographer's photoshoot.

They say that one who is behind the lens fears being in front of it....

I actually know that is partially if not 100% true. In fact, most of us moms like to duck and hide behind the camera because we are too this or not enough that. However, being a business owner in this day and age is pushing us hermits into the light. 

Meet Maria! 

Maria and I met just over a year ago and quickly became friends after finding out one, we lived so close and two, we shared the same business mentor! It was so refreshing to be able to connect with another photographer for the very first time and come to find out, community over competition is the #truth after all! In fact, Maria just opened her very own studio down in New London, WI just a few weeks ago! And as much as I would love to capture every single person in Wisconsin, that's simply not feasible for my family and I. Be sure to follow her on INSTAGRAM!

Maria has taken my portrait several times and thanks to our friendship and partnership on projects we are able to help each other out when needed. And most importantly I have a loyal and true friend that I just love and adore. It is both an honor and privilege when other creatives, especially photographers come to the studio and choose me to capture them. I probably treat them with even more TLC just because I know they are the ones behind the scenes most of time! 

Mary Breuer