80% of Women are Under Supported are YOU One of Them?

Today I want to liberate you. I want to empower you with knowledge so you no longer have to be under supported. 

Hey there! My name is Mary, and those of you who do not know me... YET, I would like to first and foremost welcome you to my blog and website as well as thank you for being here! I am a portrait photographer & videographer that specializes in providing celebrity styled photoshoots and videos to everyday people. I do this by providing an entire #glamsquad team and staff to ensure your every need is taken care of from the time you call me until your photos are hung on the wall or are elegantly placed in an Italian leather reveal box to be enjoyed & cherished day by day. 


Over these next three weeks I will take a moment to dish out some free tips to the general public aka YOU by giving a behind the scenes look at how I prepare each and every client for a photoshoot with us! We spend about two hours+ with clients prior to shoots helping them prep for their shoot, shop for the best fitting wardrobe and customize packages exclusively for them. I decided that I would at least begin at the foundation in hopes that it helps you out not only in your next photoshoot, but styling yourself in general + looking your absolute best!

In order to start we must start with what you are wearing underneath your clothes...

Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? 70% are wearing bras that are too small and 10% are wearing bras that are too big! YIKES!

I know! It's crazy to think that your bra size is so important in photographs but let me tell you why by breaking down some basic biology for you because I am a science nerd after all!

When we first start to develop during puberty our breasts are quite "perky" and sit almost straight forward off of our chest (those were the days, I still sometimes lift my arms up high in the mirror and imagine them staying like that) dang it babies! Anyhow... our breast size and hip size is determined by several factors but one of the biggest factors is from a hormone called estrogen. Hang with me guys this is going somewhere, I promise! As we age, have babies, move our bodies and our estrogen levels drop during menopause our shape changes and so do our breasts. We start to carry weight in our middle section and our breasts typically take a nose dive. 

We then often get stuck in a complacent love/hate relationship with a bra that is comfortable that we love and have had since pre babies and we can't let it go, regardless if we shrunk or we are bursting at the seams. We then settle for whatever we have, continuously readjusting our incorrectly fitting bra for decades thinking it's normal. UNTIL NOW! 

Let me give you a little piece of info to chew on. Clothing designers design clothing that fits on  mannequins of all shapes (YAY FOR THAT). However, went to target the other day and I saw kid manneqiuns, plus sized mannequins and pregnant mannequins. You know what I didn't see? I didn't see a singe mannequin with saggy boobs. Not a single one of them! This means that clothing is designed around fake breasts that sit up parallel from their chest regardless of size and it means that if we do not have the right support to mimic what they are using to design our clothing we will never have the clothing hit us in the places it is designed to! Now before you jump down my throat about trying to make ourselves fit mannequin standards please hear me out. A properly fitting bra does more then just change our shape, it changes our posture and can also relieve neck and back pain. Please know that I would never expect us to fit a mannequin standard, but I will say that the better supported we are the better we will feel. 

Now that I have blown your mind and trust me, mine was too when I learned this! Let's change it!  Because to me, there is no point in going shopping for new clothes for your photoshoot if you don't have your foundation set up properly. Nothing will fit & lay the way it's suppose to and you could be missing out on some super killer outfits because of it! #dontmissout

Before you hit the stores to start trying something on for a photoshoot or any event (I know you have grad parties and weddings to attend this summer), I highly recommend you get professionally fitted.  

When should you get fitted?

  1. If you have never been fitted before & before ANY shopping for clothing is done!

  2. If you have had a baby and you are done breast feeding

  3. If you have gained or lost 20+ lbs

  4. If you have started or stopped birth control

  5. If you have gone through menopause

  6. When you feel like having something fun to do!

Where should you get fitted?

While you can go to department stores like Victoria's Secret & Layne Bryant they unfortunately lack the variety of cup sizes to get a true fit, especially if you have larger breasts. There is truly only one place in town that I can highly recommend with 100% certainty that can get you fitted appropriately and that is Boudoir. They specialize in top quality lingerie and specialized bra sizes to fit everyone, they are also locally owned by a woman and you would be supporting a small business by shopping there. AND we have a little thing that we are doing that you should definitely consider coming to!



Most of my clients that come to me are 30+, especially my boudoir clients. After sending them to Boudoir for lingerie we were finding that there was not enough variety for women in extended sizes, myself included. Christal the owner of Boudoir and I decided to launch extended sizes at her store up to 4XL as well as bigger bras! Because almost ALL of my clients shop there before their shoot both for boudoir and any other session and many of my clients are full figured she offered to let me hand pick the line! 

On June 25th 2018 we will be hosting a launch party for the new line at her store called "Black Label Curves by Mary!" I would love to show it to you in person and help you choose your new, custom fitted bra! We are currently selling tickets right now and 100% of it goes towards your purchase! Can't make it? No worries, you can stop in to see Christal at anytime to get fitted and I highly recommend that you do!  GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!

Next week I will be diving into different body shapes and showing you how to figure out your body shape and how to pick out clothing that compliments it, now that you know how to set up your foundation!