How dare you!

I just need to say this. Most of the entries I have received for the Mother's Day Giveaway have consisted with, "I know I don't deserve this more than any other mom, but..."

I want to tell you mom's that you are so incredibly sweet, and your "such a mom" for putting others  before yourselves! 😊 

I have gained so much knowledge from these entries I have received. The knowledge I have gained is that mom's everywhere are in desperate need of pampering and incredible photographs with themselves and their children. And most of you are ashamed for even nominating yourselves. And you're right, HOW DARE YOU!! 

You're right, you don't deserve this! YOU DESERVE MORE! We mom's seriously are overworked and underpaid when it comes to child rearing. We are not only mom's, we career holders, business owners, taxi drivers, schedule managers, appointment makers and keepers, shower police and if we get a moment to breathe we usually give that breath to our precious husbands.  

AND WE LOVE IT! Because we are insanely, madly and deeply IN LOVE with being MOMS! (And we are all a little CRAZY)! 😁

I strongly believe that every mom deserves to enjoy at least ONE (non-wedding) luxury photo shoot with their family, if not every year! One event that they don't have to plan, one day that they can just show up and be pampered, where someone else can worry about if their kids are looking and smiling. One day that they don't have to worry their double chin showing or if their body looks shaped well. Every mom on this planet deserves to be photographed like this! And there should be ZERO guilt for asking for it!  

You mom's are fiercely beautiful and I want to dust you off. I want to show you the woman who is on the inside. I want to show you what people really see when they look at you. I want to give you a break and serve YOU for a change. Let's face it. Flowers are great, massages super awesome, homemade gifts & cards are irreplaceable, take out for dinner is a bonus BUT all of those things are temporary and will pass quickly. 

Portraits. Professional portraits will outlive you. They are heirlooms you will pass down generation to generation. So why not have those photos be the best ones you have ever seen of yourself and your family? Why not take the extra time to relax and have someone style you and your family from head to toe. Why not have someone else take the time to print your photos, mat them, mount them and even frame them so you can hang them up right away?! AND put all those photos and video clips ina beautiful video slideshow to emotional music so you can 😭 your face off every year! 

I wanted to take this moment to tell you that you have permission. You are allowed to ask for this. It's not vain, it's not being selfish. In fact it's the opposite. Because the reality is, these portraits will be in your grandchildrens hands someday. And when you are no longer here your family is going to search for you.

What photos will they find?

Which ones will be handed down?  

What will they have hanging on their wall? 

DON'T miss out on this incredible opportunity!!  



If you missed the news about my MOTHER'S DAY GIVEAWAY, you can still enter up until midnight tomorrow! I am giving away two $500.00 gift cards to two incredible mom's that could use makeover and photo shoot with their family!  




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