“I’m never going to have a studio.”

“I’m never going to have a cheesy portrait studio.” 

Those were the words I spoke back in 2012 when I got my first DSLR camera. 

Mary Breuer Green Bay Boudoir Photographer

I was only going do photo shoots outside, lifestyle and never be expensive. I would always be super affordable. 

Fast forward to 2016. I was on maternity leave with my third baby, and I was at a crossroads. I had to go back to work, and I was struggling to understand why I couldn’t be a full-time photographer. I couldn’t understand why only wedding photographers could charge more. I was on the verge of quitting, selling everything and settling in for a job that paid very well yet left me drained, uninspired and dreading to show up. 

I found a photographer that I loved, her brand, her message and  had a moment of clarity. I actually hated shooting weddings and giving up my weekends. I actually enjoyed shooting indoors and loved having control over my lighting. I figured out that “affordable” is relative. Even at my lowest rates... I was still too expensive. 

I had to learn how get out of my own way. I had to take a risk, rip off the bandaid and price myself according to my family’s needs and not anyone else’s pricing. I also had to learn discipline and managing money so I could profit more then I spent (still working on that one 😂, I’m a gear + wardrobe junkie). 

When people see my success now, they have no idea the growth and pain I had to endure to get there. The day I was able to quit my uninspiring job, was the day I felt that I made it. Success wasn’t a number for me, it was a choice. To show up, stay up late or get up early to work, sacrifice vacations and trips so I could build my portfolio. Building dreams is a lifelong commitment. In fact, I’m currently spending my Saturday morning at a coffee shop, generating content that I can share with you? Why? Because I LOVE serving people and enriching their lives.

I share this with you, because I want you to know that this dream of mine, did not manifest itself. God made me an incredible gift of connection and I had a wholesome desire to use it creatively, asked God give me the people and opportunities and when he did, I did the work. 

What is something you’re gifted at? What is a wholesome desire you have (the thing you wake up thinking about and go to bed thinking about)? Have you asked God for the opportunity? If so, are taking the time to notice and taking action?

I would love to know your thoughts! Comment below! ❤️

Mary Breuer