Monthly Client Feature - Sarah & Family

Mother's day is coming and 

I thought that featuring a client who is a mom would be the best pick for this lovely month of May!  

Meet Sarah!

Sarah has officially bridged over from brand new mommy to one year of sleepless nights, sore ta ta's, vomit and poop central! Congrats to her on surviving that first year! I know, some of you are thinking, "how hard is it to take care of one child, I have a million!" My response is this, "we have all been there before, and we can all with 100% certainty say that we have had days that we were happy to just have kept our kids fed and alive!" Or is that just me? Nope. It's not. 

I invited Sarah to answer some questions for me regarding her experience with me as her photographer. After all I have been taking portraits of that handsome little fella since he was 20 weeks in the womb! (I am talking about the guy in the checkered shirt, not the cream one). 

Take a peek for yourself to see what clients have to say!

  • Why do you value having your portraits taken?

    We like to take photos to keep memories. I have very few pictures of my childhood because my family did not take pictures. I have always told myself when I start a family of my own there will be too many photos

  • What drew you to me as your photographer?

    I admire your passion.

  • How did you feel during your portrait session with me?

    We always feel comfortable with you, and you keep our little one engaged.

  • If you could pick your favorite image I have taken of you and your family, which one would it be and why?

    Honestly, the picture you took of our dog Bella catching the milk bone treat. That one captures her skills, personality, and love for food all in one photo.

That would be this one right here. I took this while she was changing during her maternity shoot!

That would be this one right here. I took this while she was changing during her maternity shoot!


  • What do you plan to do or what have you done with the images you have?

    So far I have printed a few of the images, and gifted to family and friends - a few are hanging out in photo frames at our house as well. I would like to have a calendar or book made, maybe a coffee mug, and more prints!

  • What would be the number one reason someone you know or love should choose me as their photographer?

    I would recommend you as a photographer because you are down to earth, make the session fun, and are very talented at what you do.

BEFORE YOU GO! I want you to enjoy this little one year session we did just last month! Sarah and Dustin took advantage of my milestones package and they were able freely choose which milestones they wanted captured! And at the end, they have this little treasure to document the big moments of their little mans year! 

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