It's time to have "the talk."

I know what you're thinking. You are thinking of what everyone thinks when we hear the words, "the talk." But I am actually not speaking of the birds and the bees. I am talking about the uncomfortable conversation of telling my husband to take more of me. 

You see, I'm a photographer so I just naturally as if it were instinct (because it is) jump behind the camera and start snapping. So I have on my phone and otherwise all of these great photos of my family and my kids and I am rarely in any of them. And really, deep down, I want to be. I want someone to just do it without me asking. But what I realized is that my husband the one person who witnessed all these little precious moments I would love captured can't read my mind. 

So the night before Easter we were driving home and I asked. I simply said, "I would really love for you to start taking photos of me and the kids doing stuff together too you know." He was honestly a little taken back. And his first response was, "oh, I didn't know you wanted that!" 🙄  

I told him about how I would love to have him capture some everyday things that I do with our kids from time to time. Like helping with their hair, reading stories, snuggling/napping together etc. and after I told him that I was filled with fear... 

now that I asked him to do it I have to like the photos or else he won't do it!!! But thanks to the hours of education I spend on posing (especially curvy bodies like my own) I feel confident that he won't take a bad one if I'm aware of it. Or I just accept that it's me, and he is trying to abide by my wishes. 

after that conversation he got obsessed and wouldn't leave me alone. (He is a weirdo sometimes) but the good thing is I had the talk. I communicated how important it is to me to catch these fleeting moments because photos are so powerful.  

Photos have their own language that have the ability to be understood by every human being, which is why they are so powerful. Photos have a way of pulling old memories you may have forgotten about to the surface. Photos are conversation starters that always begin with, "do you remember when..." they have the ability to bring joy, sadness, fear, love & empathy, photos are our emotions living out loud. Photos are what we save and grab when our houses are burning, when our family is dying. Photos are your storybook, and I my friend would like to exist in my story. 

I want my kids and grandkids to have a laugh, a cry and pass on the story of great grandma Mary and her "crazy shenanegians."   

so please, for the love, ask someone to take a photo of you with your children or sister, husband, wife. Don't let anyone shame you for wanting to exist in your own story. For wanting to look back and feel the way the air smelled that hot summer day. It's not about vanity it's about wanting to freeze time for just a moment and soak it in. So have fun friends! And if you are worried about how you look, do what I did and hire someone who knows how to make you look good 💁🏼. No more excuses. JUST DO IT! 


Here we all are Easter Sunday! And the one holding the baby?? That's me👏👏🙌🙌 I am in this one!  

Mary BreuerComment