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Most married people have sex...

I know, its pretty shocking but it's true. And if you are married and your not doing it, uhh... there is an issue. 

I went back and forth on if I wanted to offer boudoir photography at my studio. And to be honest, part of me felt a bit shameful. I didn't grow up in a household with two parents, it was just my mom and I, and she never re-married, therefore this topic wasn't discussed often and when it was it was extremely UNCOMFORTABLE. I also felt shame because I was always told that sex was taboo and DON'T DO IT until you're married. 

If you are reading this I want to tell you that is not true. Sex was created for us to enjoy with our spouses to keep us connected and attached. In-fact, its vital to a marriage and if its not happening  that is usually a huge sign that there is a disconnect. Being married for almost six years myself, I know how important it is and also how much value it adds to the relationship. I also know that if there is one way to win my husband over it would be this! ;) 

When I opened my studio a year ago, I finally felt a peace with creating a safe, judge free zone for women to let their guard down and enjoy being a woman! I didn't want to attach my main page with my boudoir work not only out of respect to my clients but also to respect the men who follow my main page. They only need to be looking at their main squeeze, not anyone else. I created a separate BLACK LABEL EXCLUSIVE facebook group that is only open to women. And that is where I have been sharing most of my work that I have permission to share. 

However, next Saturday myself and a bunch of other businesses and local models are teaming up to build up this body of work and body image! I am so excited to be working with real women of all ages, body types, ages and ethnicity all local to Green Bay! My hope is that you will see yourself in one of them. That you too can feel comfortable to take the leap. 

Ladies, your husbands need to see your body. You need to love your body and how it is serving and providing for you. Your body is a beautiful vessel that can carry life, feed humans and take you to new places every day. It's time that you take the time to pour into yourself, your marriage and have a little fun while you're at it! 

Every session that is offered includes hair and makeup, styling and a reveal session. If you still are hesitant, bring your spouse along! Perhaps you have been married awhile and its time to update your photos together and why not celebrate the MAIN thing that literally "keeps you together?" 

No more shame, no more taboo. Sex, when acted out in the appropriate setting is actually extremely healthy. Let's spice things up a bit! It sure is getting cold outside which means more snuggling anyway! 

Be sure to check out BLACK LABEL EXCLUSIVE

Here's to you! 

Mary Breuer

Mary Breuer