The Faulkner Family

The Faulkner Family + Tugger 

To say I am ecstatic to share this blog with you is simply an understatement! I had the pleasure of meeting Heather and her family last year just one month after opening my studio doors last year! I approached her one day to ask her if she and her family would like to be in my portfolio as I was rebranding at the time. What I didn't realize is that this family would become lifers with me! I wanted to ensure that Heather, her mom and daughter were able to get the full experience this time around. When they came last year, I hadn't hired a professional makeup artist yet! 

I hope that you find as much joy as we did creating it. There is nothing more important to me as legacy and book you are currently writing about your life that will someday be in the hands of family you haven't even met yet, or perhaps you never will. I can assure you that as each of these kiddos get older, this video right here... will be worth more than gold. 


I would be honored to create this for you and your family! Click below to get a copy of our 2017 digital magazine that walks you through experience, products and pricing! 

Mary Breuer