my why |

“You are too short and too fat.” Those words and countless others against my body took a toll on my self-image over the years. In 2012 I picked up a semi-professional camera after welcoming our second child with the hopes to just document their childhood memories. That camera led me to my career as a professional photographer. However, three years ago, I realized that almost all the women I photographed tore themselves apart. I was tired of the mean girl in me and in my sisters. I made it my mission to train myself to transform any woman, short, tall, thin or curvy into a model for the day, to send a message to my community and the world that we are valuable enough to exist in history, regardless of what shape our bodies are. 


my passion |

The art of body language is the driving force and theme in all of my work. I want to introduce you to an image of yourself that speaks. I want you to hear your laughter, see your joy, feel your power and experience your vulnerability. Isolating you with solid backgrounds is important to me, it provides a deep connection between the viewer and you, like an intimate conversation that mutes out all background noise around you and forces people to actively lean in and listen.