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when is the last time you looked at a portrait of yourself and felt… confident?

Not just pretty or beautiful, but confident?

Here at MBP we not only focus on women’s photography, but body positivity as well, and we are confident that you will see yourself in a way you never have before and you will feel beautiful and see beautiful because we are in the business of fixing the crowns of Queens everywhere…

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- each session includes -

styling session
2 free outfits from MBP
professional hair + makeup
1 hour photo shoot
viewing session to customize your order
*images are sold separately*

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the beauty experience

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Boudoir Photographer Green Bay

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Let us take care of you every step of the way. You work hard and deserve to kick up your feet and enjoy some “you time.” We start with a simple conversation before you decide to book in, because we understand that this experience may be one of the most vulnerable times of your life. We believe having a great bond and providing you with education is vital to ensuring you are getting both what you need and what you want.



A LA CARTE: $397+



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