Mary Breuer Boudoir Experience

When is the last time you looked at a portrait of yourself and felt… Sexy? Not just pretty or beautiful, but SEXY?

Here at MBP we not only focus women’s photography, we focus on body positive as well, and we are positive that you will see yourself in a way you never have before and you WILL feel beautiful AND sexy because we are in the business of fixing the crowns of Queens everywhere… 


Your session includes…


Style Session + Free lingerie = YASSSS

Once you decide to book in, we set up your styling session to go over ALL the details including wardrobe, inspiration and any questions or nerves you have. We walk you through all the little details, when to get your hair and nails done and the best places to shop for your shoot! NEW- We now have a stock of lingerie that you can try on and choose two items you would like to wear for your session at no extra charge! It’s on us because we want you to be able to take your sexy home!


Hair & Makeup

We believe you should be pampered one, because you probably don’t do it enough and two, because it will help you relax before your session starts! We provide you with our favorite professional hair and makeup artist that not only has her studio on location with us, but also stays onsite to help with any touch up’s you may need or desire throughout your shoot!


1.5 Hour Photo Shoot

During your shoot, Mary will guide you through every movement and pose as she captures your best angles and takes video clips to create a steamy boudoir video that you can add on to any package of your choice as a way to level up your gift giving game or to just watch and remember how much of a goddess you are on the days you don’t feel like one.


Same Day Ordering

“Ain’t nobody got time for that!” What we mean is that no one wants to wait forever to see their beauty! After your session we send you out to grab a bite to eat for about an hour while Mary cleans and organizes your images for you. You then come back to the studio the same day to choose your custom package. Once we finalize your package, Mary will then retouch your images personally and will deliver the final images via an online gallery with password protection for privacy for you to finalize your product order.


Product + Delivery

Once we finalize your product, we will order your product and print your portraits in-house at our studio and assemble your product by hand to ensure the best quality and privacy of your portraits. You can expect to have your product ready for pick up or shipping within 6-8 weeks after you finalize your product order!


Nervous, Questions, Want to book?

Check out our appointments by clicking the button below! We offer the opportunity for you to come try on our lingerie before you decide to book for FREE!



The Woman Behind The Lens

Mary has been a professional portrait photographer for over six years. She specializes in empowering every day women to look and feel amazing in front of the camera. Her passion runs much deeper than just beautiful photographs and videos. Being a curvy woman herself she relates to the importance of being your mirror. She shows you herself how to move your body and connects with you to capture not only your beauty but your true identity. Mary has helped hundreds of women see themselves in a different light, simply by showing them their worth and importance through her eyes. It's easy to get addicted to her beautiful space and team that will fuss and worry about the little details so you don't have to. Mary is the breath of fresh air that women so desperately want and need. It’s time to inhale beauty and exhale confidence in being the person you are right now. Book a FREE studio tour today!  

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